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Find the best licensed electrician Toronto residents know of by calling the number above and scheduling an electrical consultation.You might be wondering how does someone become an electrician? In the province of Ontario to become a licensed electrician you must complete a full electrical apprenticeship. You might be also wondering how does it work for new Canadians and people here on work permits who had previous qualifications and electrical registrations in their home country prior to coming to Canada. How do they get electrical licenses and how is this monitored for safety reasons? Someone from a foreign Nation must successfully complete the  very complex electrical certificate of qualification exam. In Canada we don’t want to disqualify these people because often times they are actually very good at what they do and are very useful to our trades Community.

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This is especially given the fact that we have such a massive demand for trades and frankly no one wants to do it anymore. you might be wondering what kind of education does someone need to become an electrical Apprentice? Are the various laws regulations and acts governing the electrical workers field  a minimum education of grade 10 is required but any more common unionized areas of the field nearly 100% of these opportunities mandate a grade 12 level including math, physics and english completions. In some cases the apprenticeship programs will account for hours completed as a replacement for some of these post-secondary prerequisites. But these are reviewed very thoroughly and strictly with each particular circumstance and individual situation.

licensed electrician toronto
licensed electrician toronto

There are several opportunities that exist as a licensed electrician such as an electrical instructor, electrical contractor, electrical engineer, electrical technician, a safety inspector, project manager, estimator or foreman. All of these positions are in extremely high demand and are pretty well paying as a result of the risks involved in the work and the high demand. In Canada we rely on the apprenticeship model which takes for five years to progress to fully qualified journeyman status.

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The vast majority of apprenticeship programs are  80% in the field experience and 20% in college classroom learning and testing. Unlike in  Ontario in British Columbia you can become a field safety representative which gives the licensed electrician the ability to acquire legal permits. However in Canada,  the only people who have permit acquisition privileges are master electricians or another words a journeyman who has at least 3 years of consecutive industry participation and has also passed the Masters test. there are three levels a-c and they are associated with the amount of voltage that they are required to conduct work on.

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