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At Toronto Electrical Contractors we stress to our customers to make sure that they’re working with licensed electricians Toronto residents would be proud to refer. Hourly rates can sometimes be deceiving if you’re not actually getting someone that knows safely what they’re doing. In July 2019 and 18 year old man passed away while working on the electricity in a Toronto condominium. one of the major reasons why this catastrophic incident occurred was because he in fact was not certified and therefore not qualified to be doing that kind of work. Major electrical unions list this in Ontario as a major problem. the incident that occurred that took a man’s life was something as simple as a hallway exit sign which seems safe enough on the grand scale of things certainly not more dangerous and rewiring a home for instance. According to the victim’s family he had recently graduated from a 3-month program at an accredited Canadian skilled trades College but he wasn’t officially in the electrician’s database which is required for you to complete any work.

Shortage of licensed electricians in Toronto and Ontario is Growing

With the shortage of electricians growing in Ontario and around the country it’s becoming increasingly difficult for electrical companies to accompany their apprentices properly according to the legal mandates. The executive chairman of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers SMH there are roughly 1,000 unregistered people that work in the electrical industry in a very dangerous capacity both for them and for the people that they serve. We want to encourage you to work with us because we only higher qualified licensed applicants. 

We’re going to switch gears now to some of the causes and preventive measures that you can take  to avoid having electrical issues in your home to begin with. Some of the reasons why your receptacle maybe tripping are faulty equipment, too much electricity, over-sized circuit electrical flow, spliced circuits or circuits that exceed 100 feet in length.

electricians toronto
electricians toronto

One of the most common hidden hazards when it comes to electrical issues and electrical fires is something that makes a lot of sense but people just simply don’t think about it and consistently overlooked this major problem. It is the presence of dust. it’s just builds up over a long. Of time it can be a substantial risk to the health and safety of you your family and the Neighbors in your nearby community.

Maintaining Your System Without The Help Of A Toronto Electrician Could Be Hazardous

Now that you’re aware that just has a major problem I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking is you need to go get rid of the thick dust in your electrical equipment right away to avoid this problem. Things like compressed air and other home remedies can be and have proven to be potentially fatal as a result of static charge. And the potential that it being moved could in fact be the ignition cause of a serious electrical fire. The first step in removing dust properly and safely is to shut down all electricity from the device or equipment that you are cleaning.  One of the safest ways once the electricity is off is to actually vacuum the dusted area. this reduces the likelihood that the dust wood further impede the electrical equipment you’re maintaining.

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