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Looking for the top electrical companies Toronto has available? Do you know what it takes to become a certified electrician in Ontario? Before we get into what it take to become an electrician in Canada’s largest city we first are going to identify their role. Electricians facilitate electricity from major power sources into homes and commercial buildings. The test power sources, fuses, wiring and other systems which control the flow of electricity to ensure legal and safety compliance it followed.

They focus on anything from basic copper wiring to complex fibre-optic electrical lines and systems. The job opportunities in this field are limitless. With an ever changing economical and occupational climate this would be one of the excellent areas to have your children or grandchildren lead a healthy, successful life and career. It is one of the only remaining fields where you might actually keep the same job out of college into retirement!

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electrical companies toronto
electrical companies toronto

An apprentice wage in Canada is typically around $15 per hour and that ranges to $40 for a journeyman and $60 before benefit deductions are factored into the equation. That’s more than double the average hourly rate from what we’ve found on the statistics Canada website. The best part is that with only a grade 10 education and a good head on your shoulders you can become a non-union electrician in Ontario and grade 12 for union members. You don’t need a high school diploma but it certainly helps when it comes to the math components of the job. But we all deserve a second chance at a good life and a lot of people may have not graduated high school because of reasons completely out of their control.

Final Steps To Becoming A Recognized Certified Electrician Toronto Companies Can Safely Hire

Finally, here is the process of becoming a certified electrician in Ontario, Canada. You must first get accepted into a pre-apprenticeship training program from a skilled trades college. This is followed by an employer agreeing to take you on as an apprentice. The best part about this process is that the employer pays you to learn so you actually get ahead in your career in more ways than one! What makes it such a great opportunity is that as an apprentice you get breaks from class and attend in increments of 8 week blocks where you can truly focus and absorb. Quite the opposite of having years of consistent school which prevents students from working and truly focusing during the off exam periods of their post-secondary education. The apprentice must complete an astounding 9,000 hours of work under a master electrician. Finally, after this completion the apprentice can write the certification of qualification exam and apply for his or her license.

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